Today's Lunch: Salisbury Steak (January 21, 2015)

It was cold and snowing lightly today.
So I had my lunch at the closest cafe from my home.
The lunch was a Japanese style Salisbury steak dish. It was 900 yen with coffee and exceeded my lunch's budget, but I couldn't get the energy to go to another place. So there was no way.


Today's Lunch: Chicken Kyay-Oh (January 19, 2015)

Today I had Burmese noodles called Chicken Kyay-Oh for my lunch.
It was the first time I tried Burmese cuisine.
I chose this restaurant because it smelled something appetizing from there.
It was a refreshing broth with rice vermicelli noodles and chicken meatballs; it was my favorite flavor and made me addicted.
Chicken Kyay-Oh 850 Yen (include tax)


Dental Treatment. (January 16, 2015)

I went to the dentist today.
It is following treatment after I had removed a wisdom tooth one month ago, and I have the lower left corner of my back teeth treated. Today I had my tooth drilled and I will have more treatment next week.
Fortunately, the pain was not severe.


Today's Lunch: Grilled Salmon and Cream Croquette (January 15, 2015)

Today, I had a set menu of grilled salmon and cream croquette for lunch at a small restaurant.
It was the first time I ate there.
It costed 930 yen, which was a little expensive for me, but I was very satisfied because the grilled salmon was so delicious.


Today's Lunch (January 14, 2015) Cafe's Curry and Rice

Today I had curry and rice for my lunch at a cafe.
I like cafe's curries as much as Indian restaurants' curries.
Compared to them, I don’t like the ones at restaurant chains very much, because the ingredients and soup are not well-harmonized.
Today's curry was really delicious because the meat had become tender

Curry 830 Yen (with coffee includes tax)


Today' Dinner (January 13, 2015) Ore-No Soba

Today I went to Ginza on business.
Because I did not have enough time, I chose to eat soba (buckwheat noodles).
The restaurant I went in today is named Ore-No Soba (literally "my buckwheat noodle"). In the restaurant they put chili oil into soba soup, which is unusual.
It tasted like junk food and not sophisticated, but it was good and the amount was also enough.

Nori Goma Mori (dried seaweed sesame noodle) 500 Yen (include tax)


Today's Lunch (January 12, 2015) Steak Lunch Set

Today, I had a steak lunch set.
The steak was smallish, 120g but I'm not young anymore, so it was enough for my lunch.
Even though it came with soup, rice and salad, the price was only 620 yen. It was cheap.
The only drawback was that the steak was too salty.


Today's Lunch (January 11, 2015) Small Pizza

Today, I had a small pizza for lunch.
Since I have a few shares of stock in a company, I've got some complimentary tickets which can be used in an associated Italian restaurant chain.
Last time I visited one of the restaurants, I ate spaghetti,but I did not like it
Therefore, I ate a pizza today, and it was not very delicious but its taste was normal.
Since I have some more complimentary tickets, I would eat the pizza several times.


My new ukulele (January 10, 2015)

Today, I received my new ukulele that I have ordered.

Since I reserved it on last July 15, it took closer to six months.
Because it was a handmade product I knew the delivery takes a long time, but waiting was painful.
The new ukulele has a smaller body and a longer neck compared with the one I already have.

And it is very comfortable to play it.

Tkahashi Ukulele Ananas


Today's Lunch ( January 9, 2015 ) Chicken Karaage

Today, I had a set lunch of chicken karaage (fried chicken).
I ate it in an Izakaya near Takadanobaba Station.
(In Japan many Izakayas serve lunch meals.)
Although it was just an ordinary chicken karaage, I liked it very much as well as the reasonable price (680 Yen including tax), therefore I was very pleased.


Today's Lunch (January 8, 2015) Kimchi Fried Rice and Boiled Dumplings

Today, I ate a set lunch of kimchi fried rice and boiled dumplings.
I ate it in a Chinese restaurant named Eiraku Hanten in the neighborhood, it is situated on the Shin-Mejiro street and a little walk from Shimoochiai Station in the direction of Nakai.
The price was 800 Yen (includes tax) and kimchi fried rice was good enough.(Dumplings were not so impressive. )
Since there are several kinds of other sets of lunch, I would like to try a different one the next time.